The highest level  of service and professionalism in the recovery industry.


With 50+ years of combined experience, Alpha Recovery is your premiere choice for automotive asset recoveries. We use cutting edge technology including LPR cameras and a sophisticated database network. Read more.


To fully protect our lenders, we carry a “Grade A” industry best $3,000,000 liability policy plus an additional $1,000,000 bond. We also carry an additional $1,000,000 policy through Allied Finance Adjusters.


We cover a 75 mile radius from our main office location in downtown Phoenix. We can also provide quotes for locations outside of this area. For a complete list of all our service locations and zip codes, click here.


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Alpha Recovery’s goal is to provide the best customer/client service and high recovery rates. The quality of service that you receive will always be exceptional because it is our priority to understand, meet, and exceed the goals of our clients. Alpha Recovery is known for its excellence in recovery rates and industry leading customer service. Lower your charge offs, increase your recoveries and add more assets recovered to your portfolio each month!

We cater our service around the goals of your company, because we believe that your success is our success, and teamwork is essential in any positive client/agent relationship. While other companies may be occupied with private party tows or impounding, our trucks are on the road for one thing, collateral recovery. Repossession work is our specialty, anywhere from first placement, charge off, impounds or anything in between. Our mission is to provide our clientele with quick, efficient, and safe asset recovery, while adhering to all Federal, State, and Local laws concerning repossession.  Our staff is trained on all compliance standards and we make it a priority to stay current and educated with the ever changing world of compliance. We only hire the most outstanding recovery agents, and require all of our agents to be CARS Certified. Our agents are trained and prepared for all recovery scenarios. Professionalism is a requirement of all agents. We believe that our most valuable asset is the high quality agents we employ.

Our utilization of the latest investigative techniques, state of the art communications technology, and equipment provides us with the ability to quickly retrieve collateral. On top of our own in-house system Clearplan for logistics, we also use Recovery Database Network (RDN) in order to stay easily connected to our clients. Alpha Recovery strives to be an innovator of the latest recovery techniques being one of the first to take advantage of LPR Camera technology. We use Digital Recognition Network (DRN) and scan an average of 2,000,000 plates per month. As a result, we are able to recover collateral for our clients where other agencies have failed.

Results Driven

With over $55 million in assets recovered annually, Alpha Recovery is an industry leader in automotive recoveries.

Proven Technology

We strive to be an innovator of the latest recovery techniques -The largest, most aggressive, most comprehensive LPR agency in Phoenix.

Top Performance

Prompt resolution on all accounts is top priority. We guarantee quick turn-around on every order we receive.  Your success, is our success.

American Recovery Association

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